Hello, I'm Peter and I'm a neuroscientist. I research what's going on in the brain when we remember and imagine, and I develop technology for analysing brain networks. I'm also into artificial intelligence, computer science, and science communication. Here are links to a few projects, past and present.

Academic Work
  • The Great Brain Experiment - A free mobile app to conduct large scale cognitive science experiments.

  • Scene Processing and the Human Hippocampus - My PhD examined how the human brain supports memory and imagination.

  • Language in the brain - My MSc thesis on the neuroscience of language. I looked into how language information flows through the brain, in healthy people and stroke victims.

Science Communication Highlights

Brief CV

  • PhD in Neuroscience (2010-2014)

  • MSc in Neuroscience (2009-2010) 

  • Analyst Programmer (2007-2009) 

  • MSc in Natural Computation (2006-2007) 

  • BSc Hons. 1 - Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science (2003-2006)

Latest Blog Updates

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